Hiking in Margalla Hills Hiking Trails of Islamabad

Margalla Hills in Islamabad offer most beautiful hiking track for hiking and jogging activity in this area. Margalla Hills is declared as a national park of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

Whether you are from European capital or tourist from cities like Karachi and Lahore you will simply love the the trail of adjust near accommodation of Butt Lodges the premier guest house in Islamabad. It is important to note that Islamabad is very civilized city and offers proper sanitation and social distance culture.

You will be surprised at the birds chirping and even if you are lucky fresh flowing water pockets are also available in this picturesque area. The element of surprise is not the sheer beauty of nature but also the availability of such a beautiful sight right near the urban capital and tell the presidents to which capital Development Authority has gone to protect greenery and wildlife of the area.

All you need is a pair of Joggers and stay at our Butt Lodges, our prime location, right near Margalla Hills allow you to go out and enjoy the best of the many hiking trails that Islamabad has to offer you.